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Our building construction sector covers both domestic and commercial projects. We have the capacity for small and bigger projects. Furthermore we facilitate and offer advice in terms of structures suitable for each place, that is on soil or geological make up.

Our advice further extend to property legal and procedural matters as per government or various municipal legislations. We always strive to ensure that our customers have all the necessary information and available options so that they can be able to make informed and satisfactory decisions.
Building Construction
Infrastructure development is key towards socio-economic development, actually its a foundation for all development initiatives. Momacha Holdings is investing a lot of resources in this sector in anticipation for a great demand.

The expansion of townships, suburbs and industrial parks triggers a need for new infrastructure in terms of new roads, feeder roads, bridges, water and sewage pipes. So the potential for growth is huge in this sector. More work needs to be done in training and skills development to meet the growing needs and demands of this industry.
Civil Engineering
Every development needs to be maintained to remain of good use and benefit to the community. Momocha Holdings is not only in infrastructure development, but also on the maintenance aspect of things.

This aspect is not only about ensuring that present infrastructure is in good functional status. It also involves upgrades and substituting old technology with the new to gain optimum rewards. This may cover installing new storm water and drainage systems, upgrading water and sewage pipes, putting new pavements and side walks, building renovations and expansions.